Suicide Risk Assessment Competency Certification Exam

Suicide Risk Assessment Competency Certification Exam: This course provides an orientation to competency evaluation and our skills examination process.


To prepare for the Certification Exam, up to ten hours of practice sessions with other learners is available in our encrypted chat rooms.

Practice sessions are also available with Institute staff for a separate fee. Practice sessions may be completed off site as well.

The final examination requires learners to prepare a portfolio of three complete interventions, assessments, and collaborative crisis plans for expert review and scoring. This "work product" portfolio must be based on case scenario role-plays provided in the course by the QPR Institute. These documents must demonstrate engagement, basic helpings skills, a comprehensive suicide risk assessment, and a detailed collaborative crisis plan and/or treatment plan (if the learner is a mental health professional).

A personal interview is followed by the awarding of the certificate.